NaturesBio Organic Product Testimony For Animals

Let our satisfied customers tells you their Natures Bio experience with amazing result that improved their crops and livestock with great results

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It is our honor to have Mr. Jeff Gamulo of Freedom Game Farm as the official endorser of Natures Bio Protein Probiotic. It is fulfilling to learn that Natures Bio Protein Probiotic helped Mr. Gamulo in his breeding of his Freedoms (Lemon and Brass back). He shared to everyone how probiotics became an important factor effecting into raising healthy chicken and the outcome that is very visible on his breeding batches. And on Natures Glory's fourth visit to the Freedom Game Farm, he shared to us the step by step and detailed informations on how Natures Bio Protein Probiotics helped his

Mr. Gamulo has been using probiotics in his breeding over the use of antibiotics, but heneeds to buy imported goods for this. Until there was a time that his supplier of probiotics ran out of stocks. Along the way, he encountered Natures Bio Protein that is locally available. He was initially hesitant, but he started to see improvement in his
chicken and was amazed of its effects.


Together with other factors (good atmosphere, proper sanitation, clean water etc.) and with the Natures Bio Protein probiotics he saw the following developments in his chicken: ZERO MORTALITY on 12 succeding batches this year. Since he use Natures
Bio Protein from day old chicks, it has improved their immune system which prevents them from getting sick.

He also experienced the improved activity of his chicken in terms of feeding, together with the help of their natural habitat. Another effect that he noticed was the improvement on maturity and fertility. He experienced laying of eggs in his pullets as early as four months. In the same matter, there is early maturity in terms of physical attributes (muscles, wing and bone structure) that made his 5 months old stags look like 7 months in physique. In those cases, he had early harvest of his stags and pullets as early as 5 months. He even produced good and healthy offseason stags. And has eliminated the use of antibiotics in his chicken.

He showcased to us some of his masterpiece in his farm that became the product of his good method of raising chickens. We hope to hear more improvement and development in his Freedoms once we get back in the Freedom Game Farm. We would like to thank Mr. Jeff Gamulo, together with the staff of Freedom Game Farm for welcoming us in his farm and choosing Natures Bio Protein Probiotic as one of his tools in raising good chickens.



Today, we are featuring Sir Roland Canete of Pride and Joy Team at Libungan, North Cotabato and his Natures BioProtein Probiotic experience on his chicks and gamefowl.

Mr. Canete has always experienced percentages of mortality every breeding batch with his chicks on the start. One by one his chicks become diseasesed. They also get sick easily and rampantly. His chicks became weak because of the changes in weather and
their immune system are challenged especially during the early stage, which actually, is believed to be a crucial stage of breeding. He sourced out several ways and asked his fellow breeders advises on how to combat and solve this kind of problem in his breeding.

He then started using Natures BioProtein - Probiotics with his new batch of chicks with the protocol of 50ml per 2ltr of water mix to 100kls of feeds or 10ml per liter of drinking water. He used Natures BioProtein - Probiotics just last October 2012 and he has seen great results and a lot of improvement in his gamefowl especially in his chicks.



Ever since he used Natures Bio Protein - Probiotics, his chicks became healthier and more active than his previous batches. Sir Roland was so happy with the decreasing mortality of his chicks and their improved immune system that they hardly get sick.

He can even leave his chicks sleep outside the yard at night with out lighting, proof of how strong their immune system are. He and his friends are amazed on how healthy and goodlookingchicksthatSirRolandhas.

He is very thankful and strongly recommends Natures Bio Protein - Probiotics to use it for breeding gamefowl and how it helped him.



It is our honor to have Mr. Jeff Gamulo of Freedom Game Farm as the official endorser of Natures Bio Protein Probiotic. It is fulfilling to learn that Natures Bio Protein Probiotic helped Mr. Gamulo in his breeding of his Freedoms (Lemon and Brass back). He shared to everyone how probiotics became an important factor effecting into raising healthy chicken and the outcome that is very visible on his breeding batches. And on Natures Glory's fourth visit to the Freedom Game Farm, he shared to us the step by step and detailed informations on how Natures Bio Protein Probiotics helped his

“Simply fighting bad bacteria and replacing it with good bacteria, the results show more energetic goat- kids that are faster growing” That’s what John and Rosemarie Howard testified as they use Natures BioProtein Probiotic and share with us their Natures Bio experience with their Dairy Goat farm. Sir John Howard, reign from Utah, USA and his wife Rosemarie Howard of Nanay’s Dairy Goat farm located in Morong, Bataan, Philippines, heard of Natures BioProtein – Probiotics thru Facebook and knowing that the product fights bad bacteria and replaces with good bacteria plus nutrients from tropical seaweeds, tuna fish extract, moringa (malungay) & molasses, they used it right away and experienced a lot of improvements in their goats since they started using Natures BioProtein –Probiotics last June 2012.

With the dosage of 10cc of Natures BioProtein –Probiotics per 2 gallons of non-chlorinated water, they noticed the development in their goats especially with the kids. They saw faster growing kids that are more energetic and more active. Just after a
month of using Natures BioProtein –Probiotics, Sir John experienced better milk production in their does (Female Goat). They also noticed that after using of Natures BioProtein –Probiotics, their goats especially the kids have shinier and healthier coats.

They had goats with bigger weight and grows faster than their herd sire and bigger than their siblings. Most importantly they experienced lesser mortality.


One of the crucial parts in raising goats in the dairy goat farm is during the rainy season when problems usually arise more often. One of which is the moisture of the ground that produces bad bacteria which eventually multiply with worse odor from the urine of the goat houses. This can cause more sickness and worse, death of the goats especially with the kids. The use of Natures BioProtein –Probiotics helps keep the sickness at bay.

And ever since they started using the product, they never had any scouring which is a very big deal during the rainy season. Natures BioProtein –Probiotics is keeping the bad bacteria away and replacing it with good bacteria which the rumen needs to keep the goats healthy. Sir John Howard also said that Natures BioProtein –Probiotics is best also when used in deworming goats.

Sir John Howard and Nanay’s dairy goat farm highly recommend Natures BioProtein – Probiotics to give any farm a boost. “Using Natures Bio Protein – Probiotics has been a huge milestone in helping us keep our goats healthy so we can reach our goals. A farm can’t reach its goals if you have high mortality, every farm experience losses and the goal is to find a product that can help you have less mortality and we feel Natures Bio Protein – Probiotics has done this.


We would like to thank Sir John Howard and Nanay’s dairy goat farm for using Natures BioProtein –Probiotics and sharing to everyone their Natures Bio Experience with their dairy goat. Thank you and God Bless.



Today we share the Natures Bio Experience to your own home for your pets as we feature “Agot”, a female German Shepherd, using Natures Bio Protein – Probiotics as feeds and drinking water and Natures Bio Cleanser in disinfecting its facilities. Agot, was acquired from Cagayan de Oro City and was shipped to Cebu via Manila, because airline has no direct flight animal cage. With the long distance she has to travel, Agot arrived to Cebu weak and very poor appetite. By taking Natures Bio Protein – Probiotics mixed in her dog foods and drinking water (5ml per liter first then 10ml per liter of purified water), there were lots of improvement that has been noticed since she came from Cagayan De Oro.



With the use of Natures Bio Protein – Probiotics, Agot’s desire to eat was revived and started eating right and drinking water well. After taking Natures Bio Protein–Probiotics, she became more active and her physical agility was noticed to have enhanced as weeks passed by. She was noticeably bigger and had a perceptible increase in growth each month. An evident improvement was noticed in her fur, it became shinier and more beautiful. Natures Bio Protein – Probiotic also promoted proper food digestion. Our Probiotics have amino acids and protein which gave Agot a bigger and stronger muscles mass. Agot has not been dewormed ever since, because Natures Bio Protein – Probiotics has a natural dewormer coming from seaweeds. With a healthy immune and digestive system, Agot has good poop and has less odor.

Natures Bio Cleanser has also been a big factor with Agot’s healthy living. With the environment that she has such as the neighborhood having garbage, wastes and having dogs and other pets around, bacteria can be a big threat to her health. That is
why, the cleanliness is important to a dog’s health. There are times that dogs could be affected with those threats resulting to rashes of the skin and even having lice, tick and flea. Natures Bio Cleanser can be used for the treatment of these skin diseases by applying it to the dogs (rinsing the pet with 30ml Natures Bio Cleanser for a liter of fresh water) every after bath.

Using Natures Bio Cleanser, cleanliness was not a problem to Agot’s surroundings. Using 20ml of Natures Bio Cleanser to a liter of fresh water, spraying / sprinkling it to the Agot’s pet cage and other facilities after cleaning, the whole facilities is being disinfected, no flies were coming around and in just a span of 30 seconds – 1minute, the odor from the poop, garbage and other odor is eliminated. The good thing about Natures Bio Cleanser is that you could spray /sprinkle it in the facilities even when the dog is present. Since it is organic and all natural, it is safe for use among pets, plants, and the whole environment, even to the owners themselves. It could even be used in garbage (eliminate odor), kitchen and kitchen ware (disinfect), toilet bowls and other house facilities.



Maintaining the healthiness of gamefowl is a very important key point of any gamefowl breeder and enthusiast. There will be a big dilemma if sickness and contamination affect the sustainability in breeding of gamefowls. This is one of Sir Allan “Lanze” Aguirre Urbiztondo’s concern and testimony as he shares his Natures Bio Experience. Sir Allan “Lanze” Aguirre Urbiztondo of First Knight Gamefarm in Pampanga (Bical.Boundary of Mabalacat and Magalang) started using Natures Bio Protein Probiotics when his gamefowls was hit with sickness that increased their mortality. Just last 2012 during the rainy season, Sir Lanze lost a huge percentage of his gamefowls. It was a big loss to the gamefarm because aside from the stolen chicken, the contamination of the sickness got worse hence, other chicken were affected. Thru the posts of Sir Jeff Gamulo and lately Sir Vic Cabral in Facebook, Sir Lanze found out and studied about Natures Bio Products and he immediately purchased from our outlets in Manila. Natures Bio Protein Probiotics helped his breeding and made his chickens more active and dynamic especially in his chicks.


Natures Bio Protein Probiotics was a big help especially in his breeders. Natures Bio Protein Probiotics has Probiotics that balance and improve the digestion of the chicken resulting to the faster absorption and digestion of the essential vitamins that are given such as A, D,E,B COMPLEX and Electrolytes. His chickens are more active, with more vigor, and with increased appetite.

Natures Bio Protein Probiotics has Seaweed extracts that has natural growth enhancer that improved the fertility of Sir Lanze’s chickens making them produce more chicken and more hatched eggs compared to the previous years. Natures Bio Protein Probiotics also helped him in terms of strength and conditioning with protein from tuna fish extracts that improves the muscles of the gamefowl. It is also important that there is balanced digestion amongst gamefowls for the equal and right distribution of all the vitamins and minerals that is given to them. A strong immune system is also essential for the strength and conditioning of gamefowl to keep them away from sickness.


Sir Lanze noticed the clearest improvement was with his chicks. Since the eggs were hatched, he use Natures Bio Protein probiotics on them. And until now he still hasn’t given any vaccine and antibiotics in those batches of chicks and gamefowl and yet, they are very active and healthy. Since he started using Natures Bio Protein Probiotics, he experience 0% mortality in his
chicks in terms of sickness, they eat well and are very active. Now he is also using Natures Bio Cleanser for the sanitation and disinfection of his facilities and his whole gamefarm and also one of our dealers of Natures Bio Products in Pampanga.

"Breeding Fighting Chickens is not an easy task, we should be hands on in our breeding and it requires time, money and a big sacrifice. With Natures Bio Protein, my breeding became a Huge success, My Breeders' fertility rate is high, My Chicks are strong and healthy. Up to now, no vaccinces for my chicks and some of them are in the cord area already. Thanks to Natures Bio, You have been a Big help for me. Guys, Start using Natures Bio Products now and get great results. God bless.