NaturesBio Cleanser a 100% organic deodorizer / disinfectant / sanitizer / insect repellant with environmental friendly ingredients derive from Natures Beneficial Microorganism (lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and photosynthesis bacteria), graviola (contain Acetic acid that can arrest bad bacteria and mosquito lavae ) seaweeds extract and neem (insect repellant). We processed NaturesBio Cleanser through 100% natural fermentation.

It is made with live Beneficial microbes that reduce odors through microbial digestion of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide as well as reducing pathogenic, odor-causing organic compounds plus seaweeds.

 It cleanse, disinfect, sanitize & control foul household odors from pets, kitchen waste, litter boxes, smoke, laundry, cooked fish, bathrooms, garbage disposals, etc. and eliminate bad bacteria. Can be used in home (living & bed room, dinning & kitchen area, toilet & bath) office, hospitals, restaurant, garbage, drainage, landfill, poultry, piggery etc.


• 100% plant extract with deodorant

• Clean & sanitize all surfaces instantly

• Gentle on hands, environmental - friendly

• New breakthrough nano technology


Outstanding performance

• Fast cleaning, quick action in degrease & stain removal

• Cleaned surfaces free of oil, odor and insect

• No stickiness, No stain, Rinse free

• No damage to materials & environment

• Economical, safe, biodegradable

• Natural ingredients, aroma extracts and disinfectant

• Refreshing, disinfecting and deodorizing aerosol


Outstanding Performance

• Kill odors & household germs

• Refresh and vitalize air in seconds

• Kill germs in our living environment

• Great for repelling household insects

• Effective against odors from cigarette, pet, durian, sweat, urine, vomit & filth.